Zoodles, how did I ever live 34 years without you?  It takes a little bit of perfecting, but when done right, is an amazing combination of crunch and tastiness without any guilt of carbs (very low) or gluten. First you have to order a zoodler or veggetti from Amazon or […]

Venison Bacon Paleo Chili (super easy) from PaleoOMG 2

So this recipe came out a bit too smokey for my taste.  I doubled the recipe (hey, I’m 50% Italian) and added way too much smoked paprika.  You can use regular beef, but I was lucky enough to have wild venison (thanks Dad)!  It’s a hearty chili without any beans, […]

Amp up your boring chicken stir fry

In order to stick with eating nutritionally, you should have options.  These options should spark the tastebuds.  You do not have to eat bland food when you are eating clean.  Most of us have cooked up their own version of chicken stir fry.  I don’t know about you, but it’s […]

Faroe Salmon 2

Did you know the Wild caught Sockeye salmon from Alaska are only brought fresh to our grocers June-August? I was told by the gentleman behind the fish counter that “farm raised” Faroe Island Salmon are actually raised by being tented off in the ocean! They can’t label it wild caught […]