Headache Relief

  • This upper body focused massage will be utilized by different techniques. Essential oils and heat bolsters will be used to promote circulation to the cranium which will ease tension.  Trigger point work through the trapezius and sub-occiptal muscles will help lower the tension and blood pressure a headache will promote.                 

Customized Relaxation Massage

  • Experience the benefit of destressing your tension. This massage will be a lighter, Swedish massage to encourage blood flow and healing.  Your therapist will work with you throughout your time in the room as to the areas needing attention and the amount of pressure needed.                       

Deep Tissue Massage

  • With a deep tissue massage, the focus is on chronically tight muscle tissue. Muscle tissue will be worked at a deeper layer than the relaxation massage.  Talk to your therapist to see if a deep tissue massage will be beneficial to you.

Hot Stone Massage

  • Experience the ultimate relaxation with hot stone therapy. The heat will be carried by the stone as the therapist places the stones where needed, and the entire massage is performed by gliding the stones atop your aching muscles.

Sport Massage

  • Have you been experiencing muscle cramping and soreness post-workout? This is a great massage for you if you are training for any type of competition, during training or post event.  A sports massage will provide deep tissue massage, trigger point work, and passive stretching by the therapist.  Many combinations of therapy will promote lymphatic drainage, leaving you recovered and ready for the event ahead.

Thai/Stretch Massage with Trish

  • If you’ve tried all the massages, and want something fresh and different, try the Thai massage. This Eastern massage will have your joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles thanking you.  During this massage, Trish will be passively stretching your muscles in a dynamic fashion.  It’s all about movement in this massage, give it a try.

Maternity Massage

  • This massage is made specifically for the expectant mother. You will be comfortably on your side propped by pillows, allowing yourself to take in all of the benefits a massage can provide. 

If there is time allowed, you can add on 15 minutes to any massage.

For $10 extra dollars, you can add hot stone (one or two areas of the body) or aromatherapy. 

Try an essential oil package for only $5 additional per massage.

SPS Massage Packages – please call the office to inquire about discounted package pricing.


**Please remember if you are unable to cancel your massage appointment in the appropriate time frame that our policy states, the missed massage will be deducted from your massage package.