As our current patients know, here at SP+S, we offer many options to help reduce your pain.  Each day, our doctors assess multitudes of injuries.  We want to share with you that our office does not strictly treat just neck and back pain, however we treat impingement syndromes, ankle sprains, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis to name a few.

We want to introduce you to our extremity protocol, which consists of a treatment combination of three synergistic therapies:  the world-class Litecure laser, IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation) and most often a RockTape application if needed.  This protocol is different for everyone, depending on the diagnosis.  Here is a quick, 90 second informative video of how our incredible laser works:  (It’s a little dated, yes, but explains quickly how well it can work and no we do not charge $75/treatment like the video states at the end!!)


In order for the laser to be highly effective, we recommend 2-3 sessions close together to get started.  Most patients have results within the first week, and treatment is backed off.

In combination with the laser, which works at a cellular level, we utilize IASTM, which  look like this:Image result for iastm toolsEach tool is designed to specifically fit any joint in your body.  These tools have a beveled edge that depresses into your tissue.  The goal with utilizing these tools is to break up adhesions, which will increase your range of motion.

If needed, we then will then apply RockTape, a form of kinesio tape that will continue to promote healing.  This tape actually microscopically lifts the first layer of your skin to decompress the tissue.  The more room the tissue has, the better your body is able to expel the muscle byproduct and inflammation broken up from the IASTM tools.  This will then pull the byproducts to the nearest lymph channel to drain.  The tape will also promote healing by delaying fatigue and normalizing muscle tone.  It will still allow full range of motion, so that the area of the body is able to heal, but still be supported.

Image result for with rocktape and without rocktape

In summation, if something is bothering you, most likely we can help you.  If we cannot help you, we simply tell you, and refer you to someone that we trust.  Give us a try by calling us at 724.519.8261.

If you are extra special, you’ve already been in our Recovery Pump boots and arms system, this too, is usually included in our protocol when necessary.

We will have you back to doing what you love in no time!

Thank you for reading.


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