Are you having low back pain and tightness during or after a WOD? You are not alone.

Although our coaches do a fantastic job at cueing and teaching proper biomechanics, you need to do your part too.  Health and fitness is a journey that your coaches are always willing and excited to help out with, but it ultimately comes down to you.  At CrossFit, we do a lot of Olympic lifting, gymnastics, running, rowing, etc., (constantly varied), but sometimes we need just a little extra work.  If your low back always seems to be tight or sore, your core may need a little extra love.  You may think I’m crazy and say ‘but I can do sit-ups for days!’, there’s more to your core than most people realize, and just doing sit-ups won’t cut it.


Your core consists of your abdominal rectus, external/internal oblique’s (and many other little intrinsic muscles), the erector spinae, which are the muscles that run up and down your spine, hip flexors, and even your glutecore strengths.  If one part of your core is weak, another muscle group has to compensate for it.  The most common part of your core that tends to be weak are all of those little intrinsic muscles that all of the crunches and sit ups in the world won’t strengthen. When those get weak, your erector group along your spine will overcompensate and tighten up, which could cause pain and tightness.  There’s a couple things you can do to help strengthen those little muscles and give your erectors a break, the first thing is to do more stabilizing exercises for your core.  A few good ones are planks, dead bugs, or hollow rocks.  Stick around for a few minutes after class to get these done.  The next thing you can do is pop over to see Dr. Zimmerman to make sure your spine is in alignment to help clear out any pain and tightness in your low back!!

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