Today’s society focuses on convenience, especially in the food realm.  There are temptations surrounding us everywhere we go, from fast food restaurants to boutique-style eateries that try to pull us in.  We have a  hunger hormone, Ghrelin, that communicates with our brain to tell us that it’s okay to eat at these places.   Your body will do everything in it’s power to become satiated, whether you choose to fill it up with good ingredients or processed crap.  Failing to plan does in fact prove that you plan to fail.  I’m not saying that you have to purchase a 6 pack food bag and prep every single meal of your day and haul it around with you.  The important factor here is having a plan.  I’m always asked about cravings in the office.  For example, “What do I do when I work until 9pm some nights, and I come home and clear out all of my cupboards because I’m ravenous”.   Let’s talk convenient, health foods.  These foods should always be in your kitchen, vehicle, or stashed somewhere at work.  Listed below are just a FEW examples!  Shoot me back some comments, you guys!  Let me know what your “go to” health  foods are.  Also, I’m thinking this article should be followed up on some macros.  Comment below if you are interested in learning more.  Thanks for reading!



Already made chicken breasts. Easy to eat alone or throw over a salad. Zero prep work involved. Trader Joe’s cold aisle.


Chick peas! These beans (make sure you rinse with water it will eliminated roughly 49% of sodium) are a great carbohydrate (slow digesting) that will keep your insulin levels steady. One cup of these (don’t eat a full cup, a few tablespoons will do) but a whole cup contains 14.5g protein, 45 carbs and 4.2g of fat. Throw them on top of a salad instead of croutons.
Instant oatmeal – can’t get much easier. A great breakfast would contain a half cup of this stuff (5g protein, 26g carbs and 3 g fat), paired with some egg whites and you just crushed your Macro’s to start your day. Obviously these guys pictured are much higher in sugar than the plain oatmeal, so watch that sweet tooth.
Any type of protein drink or bar helps keep you full between meals. The more protein you eat, the better balanced your cravings will be. If you are upping your protein (to lean out you’d want 1.5g/bodyweight), please be sure to drop (lower) your fats and carbs. Don’t just add more protein because it’s the thing to do, you have to balance those macro’s out. More protein means more calories, so make sure you’re cutting back within the fats or carbs.



4 thoughts on “A matter of convenience…

  1. Make sure your fats are “good” fats i.e. Grass fed butter, Ghee (a great non-dairy alternative) whole milks and whole fat yogurts and raw cheeses if you do dairy, avocados and full fat coconut milk, as well as coconut oil/MCT oil.
    Fat is satiating, a great macro to increase if you can’t handle all those carbs:)

  2. Mandy, please don’t hate me, I can’t help myself…
    Couple of things:
    I know this article is based on convenience, but I think when the alternative is substantially superior and not much more work it’s worth exploring. For instance, the instant oatmeal. I’m assuming there aren’t many additives in the Trader Joe’s brand, but the alternative is literally quick oats where you just add hot water and spices of your liking (stevia drops, cinnamon, cocoa, vanilla, butter, nut butter, etc)

    The second thing is I was a huge fan of quest bars in the past myself, but doing further research shined a light on the fact that they, much like every other protein bar on the market, is bunk. The additives greatly outweigh the macros and, more importantly, can be easily replaced by simple, single ingredient whole foods such as hard-boiled eggs, raw nuts, fruits & veggies paired w/a nut butter, or grass fed protein (check out to acquire it in bulk).

    I think it’s crucial to prep, but also to hold yourself accountable. If we pass these shortcuts off as acceptable alternatives to our regular regiment then we lower the bar as to what we are capable of achieving. Fitness and nutrition are hard, and most of our ultimate goals are lofty. It’s truly an endless journey that yields a ton of happiness but very little contentment. Understanding the difference is vital. Convenience is necessary when we are caught off guard or ill-prepared…weakened in some sense; same applies to cheats.

    1. Nothing but love for your Berkey! This is exactly what this blog is intended to do, open the conversation about nutrition. I was hoping someone would post that they utilize hard boiled eggs, nuts, more whole food nutrition as healthy snacks. I agree with everything you posted and wouldn’t argue against any of it. Some people have to start somewhere, and for the people that have already started and need more, the conversation is open!!

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