Pack in 28 grams of protein with this breakfast muscle sandwich!  This sandwich is ideal to eat first thing in the morning or post-workout.  If you eat this for breakfast, it will kick start your day, with satiating protein to keep you full, and to break the fast- that your body has been in for the last 6-8 hours.  Consuming some carbs post workout will help replenish the muscle glycogen that you burned throughout your workout.  Your main fuel as you train is muscle glycogen (the storage form of glucose).  We need this stuff to fire off our ATP, critical for muscle contractions.  Eating this fast digesting carb (otherwise known as high-glycemic) will help you recover faster.  The sooner you eat after a workout will (most studies agree) produce your gains.  If you wait 2 hours, some studies suggest that your glycogen stores will only increase by 50%.  Others argue that glycogen restores every 24 hours, but the most evidence does show that within 30 minutes, you will get your maximum glycogen storage.  Consuming this sandwich post workout will be beneficial due to the fast digesting carbs and high protein!

How to make this glorious beast of a sandwich:

Trader Joe’s Dairy Free Gluten Free English Muffins, Egg whites, eggs. You can use either canadian bacon or uncured black forest ham (for this recipe, that’s what I used, the uncured black forest ham).
Spray a muffin tin with your olive oil using your Misto
I cannot get this picture to flip! Oh well- Important!!!! I cracked an egg and added an additional 3 tbsp of liquid egg whites to pack in more protein. I baked in the oven at 350 until the eggs were fully cooked. My muffin pan condensed the eggs into more of a smaller muffin shape, so it took longer to cook.
Final product – delicious! I left out any cheese, most of the fat in this sandwich comes from the egg itself. Nice balance of macros here.
I wanted to show that you need 2-3 slices to get the 12 grams of protein! Not crazy about the amount of sodium in these, but you eat clean the rest of the day, so it shouldn’t throw you off.


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