In order to stick with eating nutritionally, you should have options.  These options should spark the tastebuds.  You do not have to eat bland food when you are eating clean.  Most of us have cooked up their own version of chicken stir fry.  I don’t know about you, but it’s one of the most boring foods that I cook!  I spiced it up this time with fire roasted peppers and onions, instead of cutting up raw onions and peppers.   You can find these peppers in the frozen aisle at Trader Joe’s.   I also threw in more protein.  High protein, high fat actually works well for me.  I sauteed about 20 wild caught shrimp in Kerrygold grass fed butter and some garlic.  Mixing the different proteins and fire roasted veggies made boring chicken stir fry taste a lot better!  It’s a great dinner time meal, as it is very low in carbohydrates, but high in fat and protein.  (The good fat comes from the butter.)  Enjoy!

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