powerclean2 powerclean1Did you know the Wild caught Sockeye salmon from Alaska are only brought fresh to our grocers June-August? I was told by the gentleman behind the fish counter that “farm raised” Faroe Island Salmon are actually raised by being tented off in the ocean! They can’t label it wild caught since it’s actually not wild. He recommended this fish over the sockeye! Going to give it a try tonight! Oh, and of course from the local Wholey’s fish market my favorite salmon seasoning!!

2 thoughts on “Faroe Salmon

  1. I have been eating it for 2 years and its fantastic for “farmed.” In the summer there is a month when you can’t get it because the entire fishery shuts down for vacation, FYI

    1. Thanks for the helpful information yesterday! Mike stated that it is very important to wash your fish and pat it very dry before cooking. Not only does this take out the “fishy” taste, it also rids the fish of any unwanted bacteria that may come along with it. Great info!

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